Wednesday Words 5.9

I have figured out the titles for all my mystery novels. Go me!

Oh, you want to know what they are?

Alright, since we’re such good friends and you are all such loyal readers, I’ll tell you.

The Body in the Pool

The Body in the Past

The Body in the Precinct

Bam. There it is.

The Body in the Pool is still out to critique. Early word is it might be the best thing I’ve written but that’s just one reader. Gotta wait for the other two.

In the mean time, I am crunching away at book 2. Pinning down the plot for book 3.

I submitted to a couple of anthologies.

One is a short that precedes this series. Introduces my detectives.

One is a random one off about an energy sucking demon trapped here on Earth as punishment for her sins. Kinda makes you wonder what a demon does as a sin. LOL.

Here’s hoping the anthologies say yes and my other two critique partners love The Body in the Pool as much as the first reader.

Wednesday Words 3.28

I’ve been mulling over titles for quite some time. I’m thinking I want to give a little homage to the first lady of mystery, Dame Agatha.

Something like:

Murder at Whispering Pines Academy

Body in the Pool

Death at Midnight


But then I get crazy ideas like…

It All Started With Melted Ice Cream


Or maybe a little play on the lead detectives names,

TnT Explodes on the Scene

Ok that last one is silly, I know.


When you think of good mystery titles, what intrigues you?