Wednesday Writer’s Cafe 3/16

Some days being a mom is tough. Like when your adorably cute six year old says “please mommy cancel my sitter and stay home with me tonight” with big tired eyes.

This week has been interesting. Time change is always a big problem for me. Compounded by the fact that getting up at five was still a struggle even though I had been doing it for 3 months. So now five is four. bleh. I’ve been getting up at the new 630. shaking head.

Which might explain why I feel like I am making zero progress with my murder mystery. On the other hand a new idea for a new novel popped into my head and despite the fact that I attempted to purge said idea by writing it down, the idea won’t leave me alone. I keep coming up with new layers to the story I want to leave me alone so I can finish this darn murder. LOL.

I finally hit 100 followers. It only took 18 months. (snort, only) A quick shout out to the lovely Sue over at Artist Path.

I’ve decided to report on my stated 2016 goals each Wednesday at cafe for a little prod of accountability.


– Participate in one flash fiction challenge per month.

√ er…cruddle, I really should get on this for March eh?

– Prepare and teach “Nano to Publish”.

√ This Saturday is our March workshop. We’re still overhauling our work to take it to beta next month. I also taught a special session class Tuesday on blogging to three of the N to P participants.

– Edit my 2015 Nano Novel for 2016 publication.

√ um, so this is going rather slowly right now. I decided to cut this group interrogation scene and instead work the conversations in during a reception after the murdered guy’s funeral. I’ve written the funeral but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten this week.

– Any time I am not actively working on my 2015 Nano Novel, write 2500 words per week on my spy novel until it is done. (After four years, it’s time to put this mess to bed.)

-Non Applicable at this time.

Non writing goals

– Prepare and teach two classes at the coop for the 2016-2017 school year.

√ sigh, this is all so messy. We’re half way through mock registration and NO one wants my nano class. People are lining up for the geography class I made up on the spur of the moment though. Laughing. Ain’t that always the way?

– Take better care of my body, ie. stop compulsively painting, crocheting, and writing until my back or shoulder is so tore I can barely use either.

√ I’ll admit it, there was a little too much painting last weekend.

– yoga daily.

√ laugh, snort, laugh. I did however get my son addicted to yoga though. I convinced him being more flexible will help him with capoeira.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Writer’s Cafe 3/16

  1. Thanks to the magical powers of daylight savings time I’ve gone from waking up at 4:30 feeling refreshed to waking up at 7 feeling exhausted. My body just does not like sudden changes to my schedule 😦

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