Book Review: Something Blue

Something Blue by Emily Giffin is the companion piece to Something Borrowed. It is the complicated situation from the point of view of Darcy. While Darcy features heavily in Rachel’s explanation of events, she barely pops up in Darcy’s.

Darcy’s version skims over the events that occurred in Borrowed to bring you up to date and then moves her forward. In some ways, I almost prefer this book. To me Blue reads as the story of a shallow human discovering she can be so much more. That she has real depth, all it takes is her losing her entire shallow existence to find more. It doesn’t hurt that Blue is funnier than Borrowed.

I had a good chuckle over the scene where the doctor tells Darcy he’s sure she’s having twin boys because while girls are sometimes mistaken for boys it rarely happen that boys are mistaken for girls. When I was pregnant they told me I was having a girl. We narrowed down our ten plus name list to one girl’s name. We had a baby shower for a girl. We had one of those poster boards that people sign and then you put the baby picture in it, all signed to Kira Anne. Then when I was 36 weeks pregnant at yet another ultrasound, I asked the tech if she was sure it was a girl because I needed to take the tags off things and wash them. After a moment or two of hrming she confirmed, it was a boy. “See there’s his penis and he’s peeing.” ROFL. Now you may be wondering why all the frilly dresses and onesies and blankets and shoes and hats had the tags on them still at 36 weeks, especially given I was going to be induced early….I never believed I was having a girl. Ever. I spent my last week returning everything.

I think my favorite line in Blue is when Darcy recalls how Rachel used to always say love is a verb. Emily Giffin is a wise woman. It’s one heck of a line and does so much to reveal who Darcy has become. And don’t we all need a little reminder to treat those we love like we love them?

℘℘℘℘ 1/2 – Four and a half pages. I totally reread this in one day in between home schooling the kiddo and my other responsibilities but the reality is I can’t give it five stars because I am unlikely to seek out other works by Giffin. I’ve read 2 or 3 of her other things and they just don’t speak to me, despite how well they are written. sigh.

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