Fiendish Friday: Worst Case Scenarios

The kiddo is taking his first ever annual state exams. When you home school in WA state, they don’t have to sit exams until the school year in which they are 8, ie third grade more or less. So here I am, this week, proctoring online exams for him.

First let me just say this is flippin excruciating. I spend 7 days a week 12-14 hours a day helping him with things. And now I can’t. I have to keep all comments limited to the process of taking the test. My tongue has soooo many holes in it.

Back before the testing began, um, last weekend, LOL. The hubs and I were both worried about this. And we had a little “what’s your worst case scenario” discussion.

For the hubs, his worst case, is the kiddo does really badly. Especially since he didn’t get into the school we all wanted for him and our remaining options are slim. For the hubs, the idea that the kiddo is learning nothing at home, scares him to death.

I hear that and I think, hey, we’ll know what to spend more time on. We’ll get him some tutors or more classes or specialized teachers. It will be fine.  I can work with known issues. I can handle those.

My worst case scenario: He scores obscenely well and the arguements on why he has to do home school get worse. LOL

Waiting with baited breath for these results. LOL

On the plus side, all that proctoring left we with lots of time to edit crutch words. First novel in the Dismember Killer series is off to my critique partners.

One thought on “Fiendish Friday: Worst Case Scenarios

  1. “I spend 7 days a week 12-14 hours a day helping him with things. And now I can’t.” i know that feeling. Its funny how the learning is always a group thing, with lots of help and support, but come testing time, youre on your own. Good luck to you both and im sure if you set your mind to it, you can think of lots more good reasons to continue homeschooling than poor test performance!😊

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