Fiendish Friday: My taste in fictional men

I don’t remember exactly the situation, I do recall I was explaining to a friend why I preferred Michael Biehn from Aliens over Johnny Depp or Corey Haim, when the look on her face made me stop and wonder. I was still a kid, maybe eleven or twelve. I had just seen the movie for the first time and I was totally smitten. Sigh. But my friend’s face made it very clear that my criteria were bizarre to her.

After that I started keeping my rational for the fictional men I “fell in love” with to myself. No point in seeing that face again, so I just started shrugging when someone asked why. Over the years I have had school girl crushes on the following fictional characters…

A) the aforementioned Michael Biehn. Why? In Aliens when Sigornie Weaver has what amounts to an emotional break down for her and she says she can’t live if that thing lays eggs inside her and he says, “If it comes to that, I’ll do us both.” That’s it. That got my little eleven year old heart.

B) Matt Damon in Oceans 12, the nose. Oh mi god, the nose.

C)  Jeremy Renner, Neo Ned. He goes to prison and he’s so gleeful, he went to prison for killing a pedophile.

D) the one that brought this to the forefront of my mind, I was watching a rerun of CSI Miami, the club fire, I noticed when the fire breaks out, the girl Speed is dancing with follows him, all over the club as he tries to get them out. Some girl he barely knows, but she stays him, even though they clearly just met. While some girl Eric is sucking face with fights against him.  Which to me says, Speed gives off a trustworthy vibe. Suddenly I find myself thinking, he is rather attractive. LOL

Just few examples, the more bizarre ones, so to speak. What criteria do you use to pick your fictional heroes?

PS – for those of you now wondering about my husband, I am a practical woman at heart, I made a list of the 27 things I wanted in a life partner. The hubby meets them all.

In other words, he’s perfect and yes, he would kill me if I was going turn zombie.

PPS. Yeah for Norwescon! Check out the Clockwork Dragon table in the vendor room. You’ll find my book there if you do. And a lot of other high quality independent authors as well.


10 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: My taste in fictional men

  1. I also was not a Corey Haim fan, I preferred Corey Feldmen at that time. Correy Haim was such a sissy. As for Aliens, I was so scared of it at that age that I don’t think any thoughts of a crush could be had.

    Matt Damon is my number celebrity crush. He stole my heart as Jason Bourne.

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  2. Oliver Reed for me- although he could be a mighty creepy bad guy. What got me was when, in the Four Musketeers, he confronts Milady De Winter. He says to her, ‘But if you touch one hair on D’Artagnan’s head…’ and he spears her face with those eyes. Charisma of a dangerous kind. It even scared her. Faye Dunaway being a great actress and him doing a scene don’t ya know. Wow.

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  3. My fictional crush was Ahmal from Sister Act Two because I liked his voice. The actor’s name was Ryan Toby and he wasn’t that big so I thought there was no way I’d meet him.

    So I decided I’d like the singer Tevin Campbell instead cuz they sounded a little bit the same and I thought it’d be easier to meet Tevin for some reason. A few months later for my birthday I did. :p

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