Nano to Publish March Workshop

I had this grand idea about the March workshop where I would move about my hard working cohorts helping them get their novels ready for beta with wit and compassion. Are you rolling on the floor laughing yet? I am.

In reality, every one has it already. They are either moving forward on making their first pass critique changes at a solid clip or they are done. No one needed me. No one.

What ended up happening was all these fabulous conversations occurred. We talked about blogging, about pen names, the greater nature of art, ways to handle multiple books in multiple genres.  The group convinced me it was OK to abandon my murder mystery. Guess they had that compassion I was envisioning.

I helped one guy a little with his blog. I heartily suggested people jump on the A to Z blogging challenge as a way to get their blog rolling with a bang and to get a quick readership. As you may have noticed I am participating in the A to Z blogging challenge this year. For the month of April I will be posting what I learned at norwescon (I’m there right now), in the A to Z challenge format. My normal posts will be suspended for this daily challenge in the month of April.

If you’re at Norwescon, stop by the Clockwork Dragon table (#37 in the vendor room) and check out the incredible indie authors, including my novel Scripting the Truth.

2 thoughts on “Nano to Publish March Workshop

  1. Thank you for the Nano to publish workshops! And we do NEED you! You are my inspiration – your enthusiasm is contagious! Have a great time at Norwescon. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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