Wednesday Words 5/24

Ok this will be the short version of Wed Words. I am slammed with edits to my spy novel and updating the blog site. I hope you are enjoying some of the changes, more are coming but….

New names for Gareth (his name is too close to another). Spy. Hard core, been in the biz long term, compartmentalizes his personal life to be the coldest, most efficient guy on the job.







Wednesday Words 5/10

With the editing of others:

Currently just cleaning up the wording on the coop website. It needs a whole redesign as the prez wants us to enter it into a contest next year but…for now the verbiage is approaching readable. LOL

With my own writing:

I finished rewriting chapter one. And I am actually happy with the results. The new version sounds much more like my voice and less like narration over a documentary.


I’m doing ok. I don’t know yet what I am going to do with book 2 now when I am done rewriting it but I am working forward. I had a long talk with my co-teacher of the library series and we both committed to teaching next year as well; with a new topic, which I’m pretty excited about. I plan to do Camp Nano in July and I know what I want to work on during that period; so I am committed to finishing total rewrite number 94 of this damn soy novel by the end of June. LOL

Topic for debate on my writing:

Character Names. I have two characters in the spy novel with names that start with the same letter, Gareth and Galatea. A couple of people have mentioned that was confusing for them. Now they are different sexes, from different countries, and speak vastly differently – but people are confused. Yes, yes, I know, but I was a rookie when I started writing this damn novel. Hence all the rewrites it’s needed.

Do you think that is a wide spread issue and therefore I should change one of the characters names? Or is that it was just a couple of people who scan read and it won’t matter?