What’s Next? #AuthorLifeMonth

If you’re still reading me after four plus years, you probably think I’m pretty funny. You’d be right, I am.

I’m also quite a good line editor.

And it is entirely possible I am a talented writer. Though I refuse to make a call on that one.

What I am not, is emotionally secure enough to survive the daily small rejections that come with writing for an audience.

I know that as an indie writer, little rejection is a way of life; it needs to roll off my back like a duck with water.

It doesn’t though.

Badly doesn’t.

It soaks in.

Permeates everything.

I’ve been miserable for a good 18 months now, a bad 18 months now?

Terribly depressed.

Yes, down to the question would the world be better without me?

I chose therapy, you can stop dialing the cops for a welfare check.

But 8 months of therapy later what I have come to realize is this:

Writing no longer makes me happy.

It is a heavy weight that makes me sad even on my best days.

I cannot handle the rejection that comes with the job.

I’d rather be happy than be publishing.

You may have noticed on the cover for The Body in the Pool, my name in the pool. There was a little symbolism there. That was my last planned book.

I’ll still be here, reviewing books and doing what I can for other indie authors, spotlight interviews and good news. I hope you will be too. I may and I stress MAY come back to writing, when it no longer feels a burden and but a happy choice.



7 thoughts on “What’s Next? #AuthorLifeMonth

  1. My friend, to me your writing was just one more small expression of the awesomeness that is you. I hope I’ve told you, too, both how special you are, and how your friends love having you come along to grace us. YOU are wonderful!

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  2. First, I just checked out the book and was impressed at how you snuck a phallus in the shape of a pool onto the cover. Sneaking it in right under the radar.

    Second, if I could offer a critique, your book’s main selling point is that it is about a killer who chops off weiners. I’m not sure the average person reading your description would understand that this is what the book is about. It talks about a serial killer investigation, body in a pool, the Dismember killer on a first glance a person who hasn’t read your blog may not notice the pool’s shape and may assume the killer’s name means he just chops up his victims.

    In other words if it were me I’d really lean into the penis chopping angle. Maybe some clever puns. People might otherwise think it’s just another mystery but when they see it’s about penis chopping they’ll be intrigued and want to know more.

    Conversely if you let the easily offended know up front it is about peen chopping they’ll skip it and not leave a bad review on a book they shouldn’t have read in the first place because it wasn’t their cup of tea.

    I hear you on the writing sadness though. I got into self publishing thinking it would be a way to achieve a lifelong dream but after spending a lot of time and money I don’t have much to show for it. I’d quit but I’d just go right back to it.

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