Nano 2015 #13

Ooof. Just got home from “Nanorama November Night Fever”, our Disco themed costume dinner party write in. Yes that was a lot of words but hey this is Nano month, the more words the better.

It was a good night. We played fun games and it turns out I know the titles of way more Disco tunes that I should given when I was born. LOL. I won a Disco duckling which I got to add to my epic duck collection.

But it’s late and I desperately need to go wash all this glitter eye liner off my face, so I will cut right to the chase.

Words: 2943 ( I really wanted 3K but alas)

Time: 5-10 PM minus dinner, games, and chatting.

Total: 21, 428

Estimated completion: Dec 1 – improving again.

Excerpt: (In case it might amuse you-the basis for this conversation was actually one I had with my husband, so chew on that. LOL)

I set my bag down and dialed Quinn on my cell phone.
“Hey sweetheart. How are you? How’s your word count?”
“Fine. Fine. But I have a problem.”
“My main character had blackmailed the detective into coming to her place for dinner and I don’t know what she should wear.”
Quinn started laughing. “That’s quite the problem. Does it really matter at this point? Just put something in there for now as a place holder and you can worry over it later, after Nano.”
Crap, this was not going well. “I don’t know if I can do that. I’m not sure that’s my process.”
Quinn laughed heartily. “You already have a process? This is your first Nano.”
“Just give me some damn suggestions.” I got a little short in my tone.
“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to upset you. You can’t wrong with jeans and a tee shirt.”
“Isn’t that a little casual.”
“A pair of good fitting jeans and a clingy tee shirt is sexy while still being approachable.”
“Really? I never thought of it that way.”
“Oh, absolutely.”

3 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #13

  1. Are you ever in? Hey your word count back on track again (well almost) – well done. I lost a 1000 or so words yesterday, no don’t ask! Okay I got a bit picky definitely not the thing to do mid-way thro’ NaNoWriMo! Lesson learnt! Writing seems so unimportant today … the freedom to do so absolute … no evil can deny.

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