Fiendish Friday: People Suck

All the things that have happened lately have just deflated my Pollyanna bubble. Call me ridiculous or naive but I honestly believed people did the best they could. That people were, for the most part, good and decent. But my Pollyanna glasses have been shattered. They weren’t quite rose colored, I wasn’t that full of the faith of mankind, but they had a faint pink tint until lately.

Yes, I know bad things happen all the time on a global scale. But I guess I always felt like you and me, in our day to day life, we weren’t out to get anyone. We – I was trying to make my immediate world a good place, just a little at a time.

But in the last few months, I see so much hypocrisy. People ignoring whatever doesn’t align with their world view. Attacking what they don’t understand. Pointing fingers and throwing barbs when they could just accept their own portion of responsibility in a situation. Selfishness taken to the extreme. And I feel like…people just suck. Grasping for themselves. Cheering for their side as though it isn’t real humans who are losing, sometimes their lives. Lying, Stealing, throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their own way.

What happened to humanity? Please just tell me one beautiful, heart warming thing you have witnessed in the last, I don’t care how long….


4 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: People Suck

  1. On Friday night my partner and I drove two hours to get a mattress from my parents house because we had to throw our old one out. But my parents are out of town right now, I didn’t have a house key on me, and it turned out that my mom had given the hidden spare to my cousin. So at 10pm I called my aunt and uncle’s house on the off chance I could borrow that key — otherwise we would have had to go home empty handed and come back another time.

    My uncle answered the phone and had no problem driving the key over to us. Context: he is bipolar, has been out of work for a while forcing my aunt to take on two jobs, they’ve been clashing a lot lately and basically need to sell their house and move away to somewhere cheaper. He’s gotten so little sleep because of all this recently that he actually got halfway to the house before realizing he’d forgotten to actually bring the key and had to double back.

    In spite of all this, he not only ungrudgingly brought us the key late at night, but also brought us a housewarming present and stayed to help us move the mattress. I think he’s lonely and needed the company just then.

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