I’ve been thinking Thursday: Another driving PSA

I know I post these way too often but this time…I was wrong…oops

I routinely turn left at an intersection where the two directions opposite each other are coming out of parking lots and while they have two lanes, there are no protected arrows, just the big round green circle at the same time. One lane is straight/right, one lane is left turn.

I always though that people turning left had the right of way. After all the right turners can go anytime there is a break in traffic but the left turners can only go on the green light. Makes sense for traffic flow that left turns should have right of way, otherwise once all the right turns go, there won’t be time for the left to go and that will just back up for days.

Anyway after some woman yelled at me last week and called me a not nice name, I decided to research this.

And I was wrong. Unprotected left turns are the bottom of the priority list even behind right turns.

Makes zero logical sense to me.

Luckily I moved this weekend and now I can go right out of that lot towards home and have the right of way. LOL

I’ve been thinking Thursday…skill behind the wheel

If you’ve known me a while, which most of you haven’t, you know I’m pretty careful about the kiddo. For example, on long road trips, I set cruise control so I don’t speed. This is excruciating for me because I used to pride myself on beating my best long distance time, every time I road-tripped. But times they a change and I’ve had to change with them.

So picture the scene, I am driving a winding mountain pass at the speed limit with little effort. Hello, I live in the foothills of the Cascades. I drive winding mountain roads daily. I pass almost everyone on the road without speeding. Why? Because if you don’t do it daily, you don’t have those skills. The average car I pass is going 15-20 miles below the speed limit. Great. Know your limits, drive within them.

Then we get the straight away. I am still doing the speed limit (on cruise control), and all those cars I passed are flying by me at 80, 90, 100 miles an hour. I’m jealous, I admit it. But what comes to mind is this: if you can’t drive a curving pass at more than 40, you have no business doing a 100 anywhere. One car swerving slightly into your lane, one animal crossing the road, one unexpected lane change….you don’t have the skills to handle it. And bam, bang, boom, car crash.