Book Review: A Little Night Murder

I just breezed through the latest Blackbird Sisters murder mystery, A Little Night Murder by Nancy Martin. I’ve read the whole series. I heartily enjoy the main character, Nora Blackbird. She has style, class, and a willingness to do what must be done.

In this one, Nora is finally pregnant. She is adopting her nephew’s child, because said nephew is 18 and wants to go to college and the mom is in jail for murder. Along the way she takes custody of her sister’s child from the father. So count, they are about to have 3 babies under one. Nora is thrilled. I hope she enjoys that bubble bath, it will be the last one she gets for a very, very long time. LOL

The murder is tacky as usual. LOL. Nancy Martin seems to specialize in slightly off color or inappropriate murders. It’s fun but predictable now. Sister number one is having a mid life crisis because she isn’t ready to be a grandmother. Sister two is trying to get her life together but still indulging in all the wrong things. Some things never change.

There is some hearty amusement regarding Paraguay and proxy weddings. I did a little research on this and they aren’t recognized in Pennsylvania where Nora lives, so Nancy goofed there, but it was still very amusing. I won’t give away the punch line. Read it yourself.

℘℘℘℘ – Four pages. Enjoyed it very much. Easy to read in short bursts if you have a busy life. I will definitely pick up the next one in series.

Book Review: How to Murder a Millionaire

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and when I’m unhappy I tend to retreat to what I know, to that which is comforting to me. Which means I’m rereading all my favorite books. I’ll be reviewing at least one from each series or author I adore in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

How to Murder a Millionaire is the first in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series by Nancy Martin. I’ve read them all, many times. Martin has a fun style. She balances beautifully between so much prose that you lose the plot and a straight forward, fast paced who dun it. It’s fun to read and I bet was fun to write.

Nora Blackbird is the heroine of the series. Born into blue blood society in Philly, she finds herself in the difficult position of needing a job and being qualified to do little but party plan. She begs herself a job as a society reporter for a newspaper. Attending all the parties and events she used to attend before her husband was shot by his drug dealer and her parents ran off to another country owing everyone money, Nora manages to hold her head high and mostly pay her own bills. Unfortunately she keeps finding dead bodies. And fortunately, she keeps investigating the murders.

There is a smoking hot love interest. The best kind of course. A bad boy who reformed himself before she meets him, so she gets the best of both worlds. Nora won’t marry him because all the men Blackbird sisters marry die. In fact by the end of the first book, all the sisters are widows, one of them a widow twice over. So there’s that bit of entertainment as well.

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. I love this series. It’s funny, nicely plotted, and an easy read. A who doesn’t love a heroine who wears her grandmother’s couture, mixing it with Target knock offs.