Happy Birthday Me

So no book review today.

Today I turned 40. It’s kind of a large milestone but in so many ways it feels like a total non event. And then I get all introspective and it feels momentous.


Half my life is over and I wanted to take stock.

Childhood: Wanted to be a fighter pilot. er, not a success.

College: Degree in field I really like. Not actually using said degree, but I have one. Let’s call that more or less successful.

Marr2016-05-08 14.03.56 (2)iage: Damn good husband. Most days. LOL. Definite success.

Family: Had one child. He’s still alive and by all accounts thriving after seven years. miraculous success.

Travel: Moderate. My bucket list is still fairly long but my imagination is quite fertile so I am always adding to it. Let’s call that a success.


Books: Published one that went entirely unnoticed by the world IMG_2441 (2)at large. But  I published it none the less. So not quite a dismal failure?

Health: I still have all my original parts and they mostly work, so reasonable success?

Friends: Put up with me. Total Success.

Dog: Worships the ground I walk on, unless the neighbor boy is outside, then I’m chopped liver.

Laugh. But really, I’m quite happy.