It’s Wednesday at the Cabana….Copa Cabannnnnna

I don’t know where I am going with that. laughing.

It has been a truly strange few days. Last night I got a burr up my butt about this song that I hadn’t heard before the last few months. Now I hear at least once a week on Jack and it gets stuck in my head every time for days. So I finally googled it up, never heard of the band. Finger Eleven. Apparently they were super cool back in the day but their last gig was a free bar show. sigh. How did I not hear of them before this? So there I am singing “if your body mirrors what your eyes can do, you’ll probably move right through me as I move to you” when my hubby asks what the bleep I’m doing. So I share and then I remember this other song which I play for him, this leads us down the never ending you tube rabbit hole of listening to songs by the two different artists that sing Somebody that I used to know. Weird, weird music. All that meant I did not finish the two beta reads I owed to authors in my writing group, which meant I needed to finish them tonight at the write in and meet my commitments. I don’t want to start piling up bad writing karma before I even need beta readers myself. laughing

I figured it wouldn’t take too long but then when I got to the table tonight….serious…a discussion on the physics and quantum mechanics of warp space travel. Oh mi god. I love these people. How could I concentrate with that going on all around me? I couldn’t so it took all evening for me to get through the betas and send feedback. And now, now when I could write for a few minutes, although not too long because I without sitter this evening and so must be mindful of the fact that my five year needs to get home to bed, they are talking about Agatha Christie and her brilliance. I am sucked in. It is over. Hang up my keyboard for the evening. I am done. Forget the yellow feathers in my hair and my tee shirt cut down to there, I’ve lost my mind to the charms of intellectual masturbation and I’m not even half blind drunk.

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