Monday Book Review: The Ultimate Book of Impostors

I grabbed this book on a quick perusal of the true crime section in a library that was not my normal branch. I wanted to see what I could get else where. Yes, I know, I was cheating on my library branch. But the truth is, we’ve kind of out grown each other. I had to break the news slowly, but now my branch accepts I am seeing three or four other branches regularly.

The Ultimate Book of Impostors by Ian Graham was entertaining to me. Would everyone find it that way, probably not. I like facts, all kinds of weird facts, little bits, big stories, tales of lying and deception. All in my bailiwick. Impostors was a little dry. And there was less arm chair psychology than I was hoping to find. But for a straight forward reciting of well done research with a little spin in favor of a lovely lady or two, it’s right on the money.

I did take a few notes, mainly of other books I want to read now. LOL.

According to Graham most impostors motivations can be boiled down into four categories: ego, envy, escape or espionage. I suppose if I am prepared to be lenient with the definitions I can agree with him. As the subtitle explains, over 100 true stories of the great phonies and frauds. Most of the stories are two pages or less, so just the facts ma’m.

℘℘℘℘ Four Pages: I liked, I read it rather quickly in just three or four sittings. I enjoyed it. I’m not rushing out to find other works by this author. It was akin to butterscotch pudding. I like it OK. I won’t say no thanks like I might with strawberry but …. I’m not bothering to make it at home, even on a liquid diet. LOL

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