Weekend Workshop preempted for my Virtual Book Tour Schedule

Scripting the Truth Front cover final

I am so excited to finally be putting the dates out there for my Virtual Book Tour. Every other day I will be stopping by a new blog to share a bit about myself and excerpts from Scripting the Truth. Each stop will have a different excerpt from the novel, giving you a taste of the first few chapters.

Today I pack (my words) and get ready for a flight (of fancy) because…..

The tour starts tomorrow (5 Oct) with a first stop in Macedonia.

The Phantom Child

Per TPC: Zoran’s blog is a worship temple for stories. It doesn’t matter if these are stories from the big screen, books, stories captured through a camera’s lense, or original stories he’s trying to write. He believes the fictional adventures are what makes our real life adventures more enjoyable and interesting. And he certainly hopes some of his own stories will eventually reach the general public.

TPC and I share a love of Nano and he has kindly agreed to host my first stop on the birth tour of my 2014 NanoNovel.

On the 7th I will be popping in for a visit with my good friend at Tommia’s Tablet.


Tommia is an award winning blogger who shares her stunning photography, poetry, and occasionally more (like me) with almost daily posts and still she wants to give “a big “THANK YOU” to the fellow bloggers for sharing your artistic ways, a joy to read at the start of days!” Did you notice those two lines rhymed? wink wink.

On Friday October 9th, the officially release date for Scripting the Truth, I will be off across the planet again to hang out in sunny Florida with Dan Alatorre.

Dan Alatorre, Author

Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the hilarious upcoming novel “Poggibonsi: an italian misadventure.” Check out his other works HERE 

Not only is Dan kindly hosting this momentous stop on my release day but he makes a serious effort to help his fellow writer with his daily blogs which are a great resource of information he has learned or collected so we all can be more successful.

Continuing back across the Unites States on the 11th to stop in with Sheri J. Kennedy…


Sheri had published one novel,  SECRET ORDER OF THE OVERWORLD under pen name KENNEDY J. QUINN. She is about to release her second opus, LIKENESS, in mere days.

On the 13th I fly back across the US (good thing these are flights of fancy, I don’t think I have enough miles to cover this) to beautiful North Carolina to hang out with Skye Hegyes, mother, author, blogger… I can relate.


Per Skye: I am a mother, author, blogger, and creative enthusiast. I read and write paranormal romance and fantasy, and I absolutely love a good love story. If you walk into my home, you’ll instantly find yourself surrounded as kids, dragons, cats, birds, and sharp objects (generally knives and swords) have made their home in my home… As well as the occasional partridge in a pear tree. I’ve recently (within the past six months) started a YouTube channel about books and reading – although I need to get better about updating it – called The Dragon’s Den.

Finally back home on the 15th to spend a little time with FreeValley Publishing.

FreeValley Publishing

Where Stories Run Free… FreeValley Publishing connects readers and writers. We aid independent authors in the journey from Story to Publication and in encouraging book sales the way they’ve always imagined. Their Vision, Their Books. Stories for all!

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