Weekend Workshop Saturday Edition

Apostrophes. Where do you stick it? LOL. No naughty comments from the peanut gallery. Continuing with Everyday Editing from Jeff Anderson, I bring you possession and contraction. Both done with that little ‘ mark.

-An apostrophe (‘) s added to a singular noun shows possession.

-An apostrophe (‘) after the s in a plural word shows possession.

-Apostrophes also show where letters are removed. Words shortened with an apostrophe are called contractions.

Three short rules. Should be easy right?

But take the word it. You know where I am going with this right?

It’s. Contraction for it it.

It’s. Possession. It owns.

Its’. Multiple its own something.

Super simple yeah.

Some examples from Anderson:

-A great scar in the earth’s crust runs for almost 600 miles along the coast of California. Andrew Langley, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Other Natural Disasters

-Locals say if you go up to “Jacob’s Hill,” stop on a bridge, put your car in neutral, and turn everything off, your car will roll across the bridge. – Wesley Treat, Heather Shad, and Rob Riggs, Weird Texas

And finally one that combines everything and provides a fun example of specificity.

-Don’t even get me started about my aunt Rose’s Christmas tree. First of all, it’s aluminum. Second of all, it’s pink. I mean, like the color of Pepto-Bismol, which makes sense, because I get sick to my stomach just looking at it. -Neal Shusterman, The Schwa Was Here

Plain version: I don’t like her Christmas tree at all.

Here’s to pink Christmas trees, coming soon to a holiday near you.

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