Wednesday Writer’s Cafe – The coolest thing ever

Today was so cool. First thing today I woke up to an email that said this:

Congratulations! Your book “Scripting the Truth” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. It is available for customers to pre-order here.


After I got done dancing and prancing about like a maniacal idiot, I realized I still have so much work left to do. So then I buckled down and answered a ton of questions for my interviews, I sorted through my novel to pick out excerpts that will move through the book without giving too much away, and contacted my blog stops to nail down some dates.


And while I was at it I found somewhere new to board my dog for our upcoming vacation because my previous boarder announced she was overbooked when I tried to set up a drop off time. Makes me ask why the heck she said yes to me 4 months ago if she couldn’t but I digress. Thanks Krista for coming to my rescue.

Nine days. Nine days. My book will be born in nine days. Damn, the last time I was like this was when I was nine months pregnant. At least this birth won’t involve excruciating pain. Right? Right? gulp.

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