Monday Book Review: One Page Reviews

The SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook – Terry White

oh god. this book. so very, very badly written. I have read other books in a similar vein, in fact I read a lot of books in a similar vein. This one was just bad.

First complaint, badly written. Bad word choice. Bad grammar. Misspellings and the wrong word.

Second complaint, random excerpt boxes that break the flow of the narrative(what little there was), all over the place.

Third complaint, the title reads SAS fighting techniques. The author threw in whatever he liked. If he was talking about sniper rifles, he doesn’t talk about which ones the SAS use. Nope, he throws in the Spetsnaz or Army Rangers or Navy Seals. WTF?

If I wrote a book on cooking and suddenly started talking about how to rotate your tires instead of how long to braise the pork….yeah.

℘ – one page. Could not finish it. By 100 pages in I was skimming for any facts I might use in my spy novel. By 200 pages in I was flipping wildly so I could return the damn thing to the library.

The Duff – Kody Keplinger

I read this after seeing a review that made it sound super entertaining. sigh

um….yeah…It was not very well written, better than the SAS book but that isn’t saying much. It was almost mindless entertainment but done badly so I fell out of it constantly.

I had a hard time believing the characters. They were tele novella dramatists masquerading as teenagers. I don’t recall anyone acting like that or reacting like that in my high school or among the junior high and high school students I worked with for years before I had my own sprocket.

℘℘ – Technically this is a two pager. I did finish it, partly out of stubbornness and partly because I was reading it in bed and if I didn’t I would have had to get up as I had no other books on my kindle in that moment. LOL

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