It’s Alive

and dead all at the same time. LOL

The Body in the Pool, Book One of the Dismember Killer Series is live on Amazon.

What’s it about you ask? Haven’t you been reading my blog for the last year? Geez, ok….

Seattle has seen its fair share of serial killers over the years. Now a new demographic needs to watch their backs…successful white males are losing their lives in shockingly public venues.

Detective Spencer Thomas and his task force are 12 murders deep and no closer to finding the Dismember Killer than they were when the first body appeared. The killer is taunting them without leaving any useful evidence.

With a pregnant wife on bed rest, brass that strips his resources, and the FBI breathing down his neck…the last thing Spence needs is a dead body at an exclusive boarding school, floating in their pool no less…

#AuthorLifeMonth – My Publishing Team.

5 thoughts on “It’s Alive

  1. Glad you posted this, because I had somehow missed that it was available. I knew it was coming, and then a couple days ago or so I saw you had the cover up in your sidebar and I went and found it was Live, and I bought the e-book. But there wasn’t any hype or ‘buy it now’ yet. But maybe I just missed it before? Since I was kind of watching for it, I’m thinking other folks were too, and maybe they just didn’t know they could get it, rather than they were passing it over.

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