Greatest Writing Strength

I give great dialogue and I have an excellent bead on human psychology.

I give credit for these things to reading, excessively, many genres, much non fiction. My entire life.

Minoring in film didn’t hurt my dialogue skills.

I majored in history in case you were wondering. That’s more on the psychology side. LOL.


2 thoughts on “Greatest Writing Strength

  1. How did I miss that you minored in film? Perhaps it just didn’t sink in when I heard it the first time…and probably second and third time. I think that gives a huge edge in appealing to current reading audience since most people were watching TV and movies long before reading. It’s one of the things that makes me a niche and more ‘classical’ writer, since my parents sheltered me from TV and film and popular music when I was young and instead read to me and encouraged me to read classics and do artwork, etc. I didn’t get to watch things and listen to things much as a kid.
    It makes my opinions and takes on things fresh to many folks, but also gives me heck in communicating them sometimes. You’ve applied your skills very well in your writing!

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