Weekend Workshop Sunday Edition

I realize capitalization is pretty easy but it does tie nicely into the idea of specificity in your writing. So for the exercises, let’s a very specific sentence/paragraph and then remove all the specifics.

The Greenes had move to Manteo in November. The weather was fine throughout winter and spring, but when school let out in June, the heat wrapped Roanoke Island in the shroud of perpetual humidity. The only relief came between five and eight o’clock in the morning, when an Atlantic breeze blew in from the Outer Banks. -Roland Smith, Jack’s Run

Without the specifics:

They moved to the town in the fall. The weather was fine for a while, but then it got hot and humid. The only relief came early in the morning and late at night when a breeze came in from the ocean.

What a change. Do you even care about the story anymore? I certainly don’t. Putting that book down and giving it a one ℘ review for the blog.

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