Fiendish Friday: Legoland

So a few weeks ago the hubs and I took the kiddo and went with another family to SoCal. We went to Universal for Harry Potter World and then to Legoland because my son was desperate to see the new Ninjago ride.

So we fly down. Go to Universal, drive to Lego, first thing in the park we beeline for Ninjago Village and discover the ride is closed. For refurbishment. For the next 2 weeks. The ride just opened Memorial Day weekend, it needs refurbishment already?

So we go complain and this is what Guest Services says “We have a sign out front which tells you which rides are closed today.”

Wow, a sign out front. That doesn’t help when we booked the trip in July. And no they do not tell you online which rides will be down when or even which rides are down NOW. Disneyland does. Universal does. Even Knotts Berry Farm does. But not Legoland. Boo, Legoland, boo.

In the end between our various complaining we got some front of the line passes and some fees taken off our hotel stay. But of course the kiddo still wants Ninjago and wants to know when we are going to Legoland next year so he can ride.

BLEEEP. I am so done with Legoland.

The trip was actually fab other than the damn ride issue. sigh. I almost feel bad complaining about it but since the kiddo is still asking when we’ll go back so he can ride Ninjago, I’m irritated. And how do I know if next time I pay a couple hundred dollars each for a flight, a hundred plus each for a ticket, plus rental car, hotel, etc – the ride will even be open?

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