Sunday Sup: Dates

I realize this is a super easy recipe and if a dozen people hadn’t asked me what I did at the Sinterklaas party we had, I totally wouldn’t have bothered making this a Sunday Sup. But as it was, I was practically as grilled as this dish. LOL

Stuffed Dates

Buy some dates. Make a slice in the top the long way so you can pop out the pit.

Stuff the now empty space with goat cheese.

Wrap the dates in bacon.

Chill them until you are ready too cook them. Over night is fine if you are party prepping. Straight into the oven works too.

Cover a cookie sheet in parchment paper. Bake for img_20161205_12414520-25 minutes at 450. You want the bacon crisp.

Let them cool just a smidge so you don’t burn your mouth on ooey gooey amazing goat cheese.

That’s it. Eat em up.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate.

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