Book Review: three amazing things about you

I randomly grabbed three amazing things about you by Jill Mansell on a breeze through the library one day, simply for it’s title. Because hello, three amazing things about me, love to hear that. Who doesn’t want to hear how amazing they are.

Surprisingly it wasn’t about my good qualities or even how to find my good qualitites and get people to appreciate them. Three things about you is actually the name of a website that gives advice on problems sent in by readers. Hallie, the blog owner, wants three things about each person to help her understand them so she can give quality advice. The secret that Hallie isn’t sharing is that she is almost bedridden with Cystic Fibrosis.

The book is an ensemble with probably ten characters to get invested in. Some I liked more than others. Most I understood because Mansell painted them so beautifully with her descriptions of their actions. The book is gripping I have to admit. I started it one morning and carried it with me all day, reading when I could and then finally spending 2 hours with the book while the hubs played with the kiddo to finish it same day.

I bawled. Loudly. So loudly in fact that the hubs heard me over the video game and came to investigate. I am torn because of this. Mansell has a long list of published works and I suspect they are all as compellingly written as this one but….I don’t like to be made to cry. sigh

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages – read it in one day. Really want to read more but there’s the whole crying thing. Maybe I’ll go for one more of her novels and see if that one makes me bawl. That’s a plan then.

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