Fiendish Friday: Do looks really matter?

Look, I can cook. Seriously, I have mad taste skills. And I bake a few things decently as well. Baking isn’t my forte. I make 2 cookies really well and I just serve everyone those and they are happy. When I try to get fancy with the baking, it goes bad.

Example: The hubs wanted a mocha roll for his birthday. I had tried to make it once before and it flopped but I had done some research since that attempt and thought I was ready to do it again. The secret, I thought, was to roll the cake portion while it was still hot, let it cool, unroll it, fill it, and then when you rolled it back up it wouldn’t crack. Uh huh. Ask me how that worked. No really, ask. When I tried to unroll it, it stuck to the parchment paper so badly I had to scrape it off in chunks. sigh. Tasted damn good though. LOL

So the kiddo, who’s birthday it right after the hubs, wanted an ice cream cake in the shape of a lego cube.


There it is in all it’s UGLY glory. It’s lavender. Because one of his friends is allergic to artificial colors, so I used natural dyes, and started out with red dye, but it could only make pink. So I negotiated with the kiddo, added blue and hoped for a serious purple. It turned lavender. Sigh.

Add to that, I didn’t have the right shape cake pan, so I had to bake and then cut both chocolate cake and a chocolate chip layer. Fit them into the container and then pack in non dairy ice cream (more allergies). I am told it was mad tasty. It just looked… well… yeah.

So I ask you, do looks really matter?

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