Fiendish Friday: ED

Nope, not about Erectile Dysfunction. Although, if I could take a little blue pill to cure my Eating Disorder, I would. I feel like I am talking about this a lot lately. First with the Jennifer Weiner review and now the netflix movie. Some things just come about in rounds I suppose. I’m talking about To The Bone, a netflix movie made about eating disorders.

On one hand nothing about this movie triggered my food issues, so yay there. Like most things in life, I tend to try a wide variety of things. Like books: I read everything but horror and fantasy, and I’ve tried those and found they don’t suit. But I tried them. So with my ED I have tried just about everything. At heart I am a binger. Yes, I know exactly where I get that. I know what series of behaviors and experiences in my life that led to me soothing my emotions with food. Personally, I’ve always been grateful for that because if I had found say alcohol or drugs I would have never made it to recovery. Hello Overdose. But I’ve always spent some time with purging and anorexia and exercise bulimia. In fact I really liked combining anorexia with exercise bulimia. Endorphins.

That said, this movie rubbed me the wrong way in a few places. I think netflix wanted to  show a serious look at ED with a look how bad it can be if you don’t get help with a you can get better vibe. Most of the movie takes place in a treatment house. 7 patients, only one binges. Felt unrealistic. In my experience, bingers get help more often because society disapproves of us and the pressure constant disapproval can exert is phenomenal.

Next rub, they threw in a love story. The main character forms a romantic attachment with another inmate at the house, the only male. Really, we need a love story in here?

But the real rub, the big one. The male character tells her more than once how stunning she is. Yep, all of your bones sticking out, bruising up your spine from too much exercise, lanugo all over your body —- but you’re stunning. Good job netflix. Way to undo what ever realism you were trying to achieve.


6 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: ED

  1. Not sure a ‘like’ is an appropriate response to the situation yet to your writing, the way you take hold and don’t let go is beyond a ‘like’ for me … now where did I put those pills?

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  2. The script was probably written fairly well and then the execs forced a love story into the middle of it. I miss the old days when there were way more variety of stories on TV and in theatres. Everything has become completely about attracting marketing backers. It was always about the money, but there were many smaller investors instead of only huge conglomerates – notice that word starts with con. It’s a shame when they take on serious topics and turn them into meh.

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