Book Review: I’m Traveling Alone

My friend K dropped this book at my house and said, “This is super creepy, I think you’ll like it.” LOL I love my friends.
I’m Traveling Alone by Samuel Bjork is an interesting read and definitely a bit of creepy going on. At least once I thought, no I don’t want to read this in bed, alone, at night, thank you very much.
Basic plot line, detectives track a nasty serial killer. A nasty serial killer who is playing games with them. And eventually targets them.
I liked the characters. I felt there was some interest in the team outside the two main detectives. The plot was, well, typical of detective stories. I did feel like the ending came a bit “poof-magic-all better now.” But at the same time, not everything was tied up. A couple of major plots points just hang in limbo.
My biggest complaint is regarding circular thinking. The author repeats phrases, demonstrating the circles a character, or five, are thinking in. But it’s not similar words on the same vein. It’s the exact same words, exact same sentences, 3 or 4 times on the same page. I eventually started scanning past those portions. I never considered abandoning the book though.
℘℘℘ – 3 pages, reasonably good entertainment. I’d read another book about this detective team if the author published one.

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