Kindness Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Make a card or decoration for someone special….


I made stollen today. It’s this Dutch bread that is traditionally eaten at Easter but that my husband’s mom always made at Christmas. It’s full of raisins and cranberries and a secret surprise – a huge log of almond paste in the middle.

The hubs loves it.

The MIL died a few years back. Just long enough for the bread to be a happy memory, not a sad one.

It’s not a card or decoration but my husband is someone special and five hours of kneading, waiting, kneading, waiting, baking for something I can’t eat…good enough.


If you don’t know what I am talking about with the whole Kindness Challenge, you can find the calendar here. All normal posts will resume in January. Enjoy the time off. Enjoy the kindness. Practice a little yourself.

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