I’ve been thinking Thursday: Charisma

No, I doImage result for charisma carpenter attackedn’t mean Charisma Carpenter, although we have been introducing the kiddo to Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately. LOL.

I mean the other kind of charisma: charm that inspires others.

I went recently to a seminar, I’m going to be a little cagey about the when and where because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This is about my thought process.

So seminar with 2 speakers. One, I adore. I was so looking forward to what this speaker would say, sure it would epic. The other I had never heard of but hey why not hear that one too.

Turned out, the unknown to me speaker was amazing. This speaker actually provided me with tools to improve my writing. Things I had not heard before, ever. Things that actually seem functional and helpful and will improve my editing process. Woohoo!

The adored speaker was boring. Badly, badly boring.

And thinking about that on the drive home I came to the a couple of conclusions.

A) Being brilliant does not make one a brilliant speaker with charisma.

B) The newness of ones material contributes highly to how fab one’s presentation is regarded.

So all this kind of makes me wonder, every year I teach a new class, with a new curriculum I develop. I always thought when I got three or four classes developed I would just start rotating through those. But will the spark be gone if I do that? Is the new material I develop each year what makes me such a fab speaker?


2 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking Thursday: Charisma

  1. In my opinion, as long as it’s new to your audience or class, and you are still passionate about teaching it to them, it will feel fresh and exciting. It might keep it fresh for you if you adjust it each time it’s taught by adding in some little extras that cater to the students you’ve gotten to know in that particular class?

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