I’ve been thinking Thursday: Media

I only took my kindle to London, not my laptop. Why does that matter? It kind of plays a crucial role in this story. See Amazon makes everything “smart.” For example when I wanted to shop Old Navy’s online Black Friday sale, I couldn’t. I was in the UK and wanting to ship to a US address. Error, Error, danger, danger. Whatevs. I didn’t really need new clothes anyway.

But while we were gone the North Sentinel Island situation occurred. My first glimmer was posts on FB, by people I know. Their commentary was bizarre. Talking about how we’d being going to war now and Trump would use this as a means to stop immigration. I kept trying to click on the news article links to figure out what the bleep they were talking about, but….smart kindle. I kept getting denial errors, you are not in this zone.

Eventually BBC 4 filled me in. But in the mean time I had to wonder.

Which made me think about people who get all their news scrolling on FB. Is this what they think is going on in the world? Holy crap. No wonder everyone is so afraid all the time and thinking the worst of everyone else.

And second thought line was, is that really what people got out of that situation. Yikes. We were clearly not reading the same news. Makes me want to stop reading all American news outlets.

What do you think? If you read both American and European news outlets, do you think America spins everything to be tragic and traumatic and salacious?

10 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking Thursday: Media

  1. OMG how to keep this short…um, Noticed this for ages. Ditto on being aghast. I still watch Am. Pop news and FB a bit to know what mess they’re spinning to my neighbors – important to know that. I watch and/or read BBC and Canadian news as well as other world sources to try my best to get some idea of ‘real’ news. Horrified how Alexa and ‘smart’ sources are making it easier and easier to tell target grouped people exactly the propaganda that manipulates them best. Might go be sick to my stomach now…again. Yup, yikes!!!!! This is part of why it’s SO important to travel outside the US. We are blind and very purposely being poked with the Fear & Outrage stick and then comforted with Consumer Products. *Sheri literally Heaves a Huge Sigh*

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  2. Our news is crap, depending on the station you watch, and considering what we send overseas as news, it’s no wonder otter countries are up in arms. A lot of overseas channels are worse, though, so it makes being informed a real battle.

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  3. I get most of my news from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp and a bit from NPR. I should probably check out other sources. I don’t do FB at all. Weird that the North Sentinel story should be spun that way. I thought it was interesting and instantly looked the island up in Wikipedia (which I like because no ads, for one thing).

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    1. I was both surprised by the spin and not surprised by the spin. Also a little sad that no one (in American FB) is even talking about the fact that he went there, got warned off, and then went back and was taken. Personal responsibility anyone?

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