Book Review: Big Little Lies

Holy crud batman. I picked up Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty totally expecting to hate it. After all it’s been made into an HBO thing with Nicole Kidman, and I can’t like anything with Nicole Kidman in it. (Don’t ask.)

Almost 500 pages long and I found myself silently chanting, read faster, read faster, oh mi god, read faster. It is clear from the first chapter that someone is going to die, be murdered. And it takes almost 450 pages to get there. To get to Zero hour. I kept finding myself thinking oh no, blank is going to die, please don’t let it be blank. And then some chapters on I would think oh no not blank, blank so deserves to be happy and is just getting there. 450 pages and I did not know who was gonna die, let alone who was going to do the murdering. Flipping miracle that.

The bread crumbs are just enough to make you desperately wish you had the whole cake. Beautifully written. Every character is well drawn and behaves in a believable manner. It is a murder mystery but only in part, perhaps because the murder is the conclusion. It’s about how little things in people’s lives all come together into a big action that really had been going for months. The beginning is so much further back and so much more complicated than people realize.

℘℘℘℘℘℘- 6 pages. I really don’t think I can say enough. I’ve read so much lately that just hasn’t lived up to it’s own hype. This does and then some. I can’t wait to get back to the library and get something else she’s written.