Fiendish Friday

Today I am so stinking tired it’s not even funny. Why you ask? The explanation is a bit long so stay with me.

I don’t have TV. Seriously, no cable in this house. This confuses many house guests. But I prefer to get my TV via netflix. There are benefits to this, like no commercials. Like watching an episode when I chose, not when the media outlets deign I should watch, say NCIS.

There are also drawbacks, like having an entire season or twelve seasons at my finger tips, so to speak.

Last night I found How To Get Away With Murder. I was just looking for one episode, just a little something to try while I unwound before getting a good long night’s sleep which I desperately needed. Instead, I got sucked in. Episode after Episode, who killed her? Who killed him? Where’s the moral line in helping an obviously guilty client get out of jail free.

There is only one season on Netflix. I googled just enough this morning to see there is a second season out there. I can be patient. But in all honesty I will probably stay up too late tonight binge watching the rest of season one.

Ok so two nights of not enough sleep, how bad is that really? Except when Season two hits the netflix queue, I will start binge watching again. And I will go back and rewatch season one, then season two.

Now apply this to every show I like. That is a lot of nights of not enough sleep because I binge watch. LOL. I blame it on netflix and my kindle. See there’s a next episode button but if you don’t click that, the next episode starts in seven seconds anyway so if you are laying there in bed thinking I should really turn this off and go to sleep, boom another episode starts.

Do you have any shows that suck you in? Things you binge watch?