Why I love my husband…

Several amusing things happened today which highlight why I love my husband.

A) We lost power this morning, fuse blew on the line at the road. I say “I really wish we had brewed coffee before that happened.” My husband replies, “Let’s go get coffee and go to the lake.”

-Ahhh heaven.

B) I’ve been coaching my son’s team and one of his favorite games is hit the coach. All the kids try to kick the ball into you as you run around. It’s a great game for teaching them to pass to a moving target, which ideally will happen during the game, and they get the fun of “hitting” the coach. Because they are five year old boys, I jazz it up by letting the one who hit me pick an animal, which I act like including sound effects, until the next kid hits me. So while at said lake, we were helping our son with his soccer skills. We played a little hit the coach and while my son was digging in the sand, my husband gently kicks the ball and it rolls into me. He says, “Hit the coach.” I ask what animal sound he wants me to make. Without missing a beat he replies, “warble like a nightingale.” I gave the only proper reply “tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.” (It’s a Tiki room reference-one of my fave things at Disneyland)

C) driving home from the lake I complain I now have the tiki room song stuck in my head, to which my husband replies, “Well we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got.” totally deadpan. Bastard. Now, I’m singing that.

D) We’re putting away the groceries my husband took our five year old to costco for….

E) yeah, the trip to costco deserved it’s own line item. Anyway my husband starts telling how he read this interesting fact the other day about cooking and the poverty class in history. After he gets done I smile and say “Yeah, on my blog.” ROFL

Someone quoted my blog to me. That’s never happened before.

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