It is my son’s sixth birthday

In his honor I will enumerate six things I love about him.

1) He knows things. Things that only someone with seriously emotional intelligence would know. Things it took me 30 plus years to learn.

2) He will always have a cuddle with his mommy. Even when I am cranky and irritable and short with him, he will give me a cuddle to help me be in a better mood. He meets irritation with love. I’m still working on that one.

3) He makes me look good. Every where I take him people love him and think he is an amazing little child.

4) He can admit when he doesn’t know things. Another thing it took me like 30 years to learn.

5) He traded in a love of Thomas the Tank engine for Star Wars. This may seem small to the uninitiated but when your child loves something it is a huge part of your life, and I HATED Thomas.

6) Some of my best friends, the people I am closest too, that always get me, that always support me, I met because Henry made friends with their kids. Because Henry makes friends with everyone, every where he goes, every day.

So here’s to an amazing little kid who makes those around him feel special and loved.

5 thoughts on “It is my son’s sixth birthday

  1. Tara, this is beautiful! Our children become our heroes and examples. He is so blessed that you can see and appreciate who he is!

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