Friday Fun – or Not

Lots of bloggers do a Friday Fun type blog and I thought I would too this week and talk about the amazing event I went to last night. Only sadly, it wasn’t amazing. Sigh. So this is a not Fun Friday, otherwise known as a review of the Northern Lights Documentary we saw at the Pacific Science Center last night.

I was so super jazzed about this. Northern Lights while staying at an ice hotel has been on my bucket list forever. Yes, I am very specific. laughing. You can imagine I was really really excited about this documentary to learn more about the phenomenon and to watch it even if on an IMAX screen rather than in person.

This necessitated driving into Seattle. I hate driving in Seattle. In fact I hate it so much, that when we moved here 18 months ago, kiddo and I arrived on a Friday night, hubby had been here in corporate housing for a three weeks already. Tuesday we closed on our house out in BFE, and the kiddo and I moved in immediately, even though our stuff wasn’t delivered until Thursday and we had no fridge until Saturday. But we moved in anyway because mommy hated driving in Seattle.

So I drove into Seattle, it wasn’t heinous, parked relatively pain free, and found the hubby was actually where we loosely agreed to meet. We had a picnic, people watched, wandered around a bit. I forgot to bring a book to read to the kiddo while we waited, bad mommy, but we all survived. It was finally 730, yeah, bring on the amazingness.

First loss, they started 15 minutes late. Really?

Then it wasn’t an IMAX film. Little tiny picture on the big IMAX screen. ugh

It was short, less than 30 minutes of which 40% was a travel advertisement for Norway. 40% was heavy brain dump science that went on and on with little spacing to allow the brain to absorb the material. Ten percent was product placement ads. And finally in the last 2-3 minutes you get to see the Aurora Borealis. To be honest it wasn’t even the stunning shots I’ve seen before in random locations. In fact it wasn’t even as good as the faint Aurora I got to see on my honeymoon in Alaska. (yes, I do have unusual taste. I think we’ve covered that before.)

sigh. On the plus side, I only paid 6 dollars for parking, the tickets were free to the doc because we are Science Center Members, and I popped into Starbucks and got another reusable cup for my collection. IS that a win? Maybe. laughing.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun – or Not

  1. As a Science Center Member I hope you raise a ruckus about the quality of this show. Such a sad waste of that awesome resource! I’ve seen incredible things there, and they have the funding to do better. I’m not a whiner, but this one would make me submit a complaint to them. Not even an IMAX and then lame besides? And since when did they have ads…then again, since when did everything have ads…sigh…..
    Planning to go to BD for writer’s cafe’ today. Maybe see you there….

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