Silence is Golden

Or so they say. Have you been enjoying my radio silence? Say no please. Lol. My ego needs the love.

I’ve been traveling northern California visiting the friends and family we left behind when we moved to the Pacific northwest. Spending not nearly enough time with the only thing I miss about California, my people.

I have managed to get some words into Scrivner, (500) although I’m still behind. Shrug. 18 weeks to make it all up right?

Soon we’ll head across that sandpit known as Nevada to see friends in Utah. No they’re not Mormon but her husband enjoys having us visit because he has two women cooking for him and refilling his wine glass. Lol

I’d like to think I’ll get more writing done there but somehow I doubt it. At least I spent some time playing with my pics in Photoshop. And I settled on both a title and a cover design for the spy novel. All good progress in my book.

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