Friday Fun/Camp Nanowrimo Day 3

I think by some strange gift of positive typing, writing my spy novel has become marginally fun. I still find myself getting really angry, like when I forget a scene I am supposed to weave in that the rest of the novel hangs on. sigh. But the last two days have gone well. I am even toying with the idea of killing one of them off. I’ve already written the ending, true, like three years ago, where they all survive. But it’s not too late for a rewrite. LOL

I wrote 1035 today. Bringing my current total to 2879/1500. I’m still ahead. At this rate I will finish July 16. Wow.


The interrogator had worked herself up into quite a little temper tantrum. She had resorted to slamming the chair out of her way, then picking it up and slamming it into the table moments later as she went on ranting at Galatea who had yet to say a word.
Someone rapped on the glass behind the interrogator and she glared at Galatea for a long moment before stomping out of the room without a word.
Galatea did a few mental calculations. It had been long enough.
When the interrogator returned she seemed to have calmed down. “You’re being transferred to (british federal agency). This is your last chance for me to help you.”
Galatea smiled.
“Do you want to go to prison for life. They’re saying you’re a terrorist.”
Galatea snickered at the preposterousness of the situation. Many countries in the world probably would consider her a terrorist. But as far as she could remember she had not done anything terrorist worthy in England or even Greater Britain for that matter.
“Whether or not you talk, they will prosecute you. Tell me something I can use to help you.” She implored.
Galatea shook her head. “I’ll wait.”
“Where have I heard that accent before?”
Galatea returned to her bland smile.
There was a rap on the door this time and a head popped in, “They’re here.”
The interrogator shook her head. “I wish you had let me help you.”
Galatea stood and moved to the door with no further response. The gentleman took her arm and directed her along the hallway. At the office area Talon was waiting.
“Are you sure just one of you can handle this?”
Talon flashed a look of scorn and reached for Galatea. “Her belongings?”
As the man turned around Talon reached down and unlocked her handcuffs. He took the bag and tossed back the the cuffs. “Thanks.”
Without further ago, he walked out the door with Galatea in one hand and her bag in the other.
As they cleared the airport door and crossed the side walk to the waiting Rolls, “Took your sweet time.”
Talon chortled. “Because getting someone out of security is such as easy task.”
“You did it now didn’t you?”
Talon exhaled harshly. “Try to find a little gratitude.” He opened the door and used the arm he had to propel her into the backseat. She slid in and found herself face to face with Penelope. “Good evening.”
“Good evening to you.” Penelope took a long look at Galatea.
“Do I have you to thank for my release from that boredom?”
Penelope nodded. Talon slid in after stowing Galatea’s bag in the trunk. “I had a bit to do with it.”
The two women looked to each other and burst out in laughter. Talon swallowed and tried to prepare himself for a long ride to ops headquarters.

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