Weekend Workshop Sunday Edition

It’s time for a little soul baring honesty. When I read the 40 plus questions in the exercises at the end of Chapter Four my brain went into two year old mode. You know the one. When you tell a toddler it’s time to leave the park/library/friends house, and they immediately start shouting no repeatedly, throw themselves on the floor, their little fists whirling about, and crying hysterically. Yep, that was my brain.

Look I get it. Watch a 4-8 minute scene that you have the written script for and then answer these questions. Only there’s more than 40 freakin’ questions. Noooooo, fists, wailing, hysterical nonsense. Reboot.

I declined to complete the exercises included at the end of Chapter Four. Instead I worked on my Camp Nano novel, I conducted some research for my November Nano, and I read for FUN. Yep, f-u-n.

Maybe the exercises next week won’t be quite so numerous. LOL

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