Friday Fun

There is no fun in whoville today. And there hasn’t been in at least a week. I am not writing on my spy novel. It’s sitting forlorn and abandoned. It just isn’t fun to write and I’ve heard if it wasn’t fun to write it won’t be fun to read. So it sits.

Technically I’m justifying this lack of writing by researching for it. LOL. A book I wanted eons ago came in at the library and I’m slogging my way through a badly written SAS handbook. But I know and you know, it’s just my way of avoiding writing.

And today I’m ok with that. I will finish this damn spy novel…just maybe not this month. Chalk up a loss for Camp Nanowrimo 2015.

Have you ever shelved a book fifty times and finally managed to finish it and be happy with the final product? Do tell.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. I haven’t shelved during the story draft, but it was certainly an arduous process editing and finally publishing my first novel. There was one full year where it was untouched after much editing had already been done. If you want to finish it you will…Writing is a process, and some of that process is down time. Let the writer in you be….as long as you’re moving ahead on something.

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