Wednesday Writer’s Cafe

I was a naughty girl tonight. I didn’t even take a laptop to write in. I took Fluxx.

I hadn’t been in soooo long, there was so much catching up to. And I didn’t have a sitter so I brought kiddo. I knew I wouldn’t get any work done, what was the point in pretending.

L and I had delightful chats about both recent trips we took and the one she has coming up. J and I talked about my book, when it’s coming out, and why I am going straight to self publishing rather than wasting time with traditional. (My words.)

Then everyone else left, my hubby picked up my kiddo (thanks love), and S, V, and I got down to it. Fluxx and words. I love these women. Really. We just never run out of things to say. There’s always a funny story to tell about ourselves or someone else. Always a little love and affection to share. I won’t bore you with the details but simply say, life, love, and the pursuit of a healthy writing career. The End.

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