Wednesday Writer’s Cafe

I got so much work done tonight. Seriously. I edited from Chapter 33 to 42. That means only five chapters to go. Yip! So close. So close. I wanted to get it all combined by the weekend so I can spend the weekend reading it out loud to my husband. I know, I’m a freak. LOL But we have all these points where he has made suggestions in his line edits and I want to argue with him about them. Sometimes what he says is perfect. I know immediately he is right and I need to adjust. Sometimes I know he’s full of it. But then there’s that middle ground and I want to put on my gloves and step into the ring so we can hash it out.

Of course, all this work means I barely participated in the conversations. Whimper.

My poor friends. So neglected.

Of course we did agree to have a Wednesday Cafe field trip to watch Gosford Park. laughing. That’s what writers do. Field trips to watch 15 year old movies that were brilliantly done.

I have to share the most amusing thing I heard this week. Style is merely self plagiarism. Bless you Hitchcock. You were a brilliant man.

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