Monday Book Review: The Stranger Beside Me

I’ve never really read Ann Rule before. I knew who she was of course and had seen her books on the shelf at the library in the True Crime section, which I tend to haunt when I have the chance. I think I might have once read a book by her. I think. But I couldn’t tell you which one it was it’s been so very long ago.

So a few weeks ago I was walking my dog and one of my neighbors came out with his dog. We walked part of the way around the block together before going our separate ways and somehow we got talking about Ted Bundy. My neighbor mentions this used to be one of Ted Bundy’s burial grounds or so they say. That intrigued me. So I got The Stranger Beside Me at the library.

The most up to date version of the book is almost 700 pages. Oof. Even though I knew how it ended (he’s dead) I couldn’t stop reading the book. I found myself irritated at Ann Rule occasionally. She talks about the ridiculousness of girls who think they love Ted Bundy despite knowing only his facade. But she believes in him and loves him for years without actually knowing the real Ted Bundy, either. And she doesn’t make that connection for eons.

Other than that, the book is compelling. Seriously compelling. I plowed through the 700 pages in three days while still taking care of my normal duties including the kiddo. And when I was done, I was actually a little sad there wasn’t more. I’m not sure what the more could possibly cover (again, he’s dead) but I wanted more pages. The book is so well written, I didn’t want it to stop.

I had never before read a book about a criminal who did so much where I live. He abducted several women from Lake Sam State Park. That was the first family outing we took after moving to Washington. I take my son there ALL the time. Weird.

And that burial ground isn’t actually on the mountain I live on. It’s on the one next door. Still, pretty creepy.

℘℘℘℘℘/℘ I can’t decide if this book is 5 pages or 6. I loved the book. I could barely put it down. I didn’t read it in one sitting but I might have had I been alone for like 24 hours. I will certainly pick up more from Ann Rule. Again I will just say, the book is so well written, I didn’t want it to end.

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