Friday Fun – Woot, Woot, Woot

My proof came in the mail last night. I was so excited I practically threw the other mail at my girlfriend Patty who was walking my dog with me so I could rip open the cardboard packaging.

It is beautiful. I was so happy last night.

Today on the other hand…

I have been told my font is too hard to read for my title. Bleh.

And then I started going through things, from the back, one sentence at a time backwards (I’m explaining it badly but it is a viable editing method.) and I keep finding mistakes. Crapola. Pardon my language.

So back to editing. It has rather taken the bloom off having a copy in mScripting the Truth Front Covery hand. LOL

My countdown meter reminds me three weeks to launch. Eek. So to tantalize you a bit….Here is the front cover….what do you think about the font for the title?

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