All Good Things Must Come to an End-Virtual Book Tour Stop #6

Today I make my last stop on the Virtual Book Tour for the launch of Scripting the Truth. I finish my globe trotting amusement with a stop by FreeValley Publishing, a small local press cooperative devoted to independent writers.

What does FreeValley Publishing want you to know about them:

FreeValley Publishing was formed in the spirit of an arts co-op. A group of writers affiliated with SnoValley Writes! were working toward publishing and marketing their own books. While sharing experience and ideas, they realized there was much to be gained by moving forward as a group.

FreeValley encourages writers to develop and market their own work with support and advice from fellow-writers. It provides a network for promotion and interaction with our community to move toward mutual success. Our success is sharing our stories with you. Feel free to linger in the Valley and read awhile…

I’m a little sad. This tour was so much fun. And it really made me feel like I had actually published something.

And yes, I know, I did publish something but the tour made it feel real. Like a constant reliving of that first thrill when I found my proof in the mail box.

In case you are just now tuning in, stop by my first five blog stops to get the full range of excerpts available from Scripting the Truth.

The Phantom Child, Tommia’s Tablet, Dan Alatorre, Sheri J. Kennedy Riverside, Skye Hegyes. 

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