It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It snowed this week. I love it when it snows at my house. My son got out his sled and started sliding in the back yard in two inches of snow. It’s fun for us because we don’t get nineteen blizzards each winter. But it’s already mostly melted away. sigh.

The stockings are hung by not quite by the chimney, the TV is there, so we put the stocking in a huge window by fireplace. The tree has been up and decorated so long we don’t even bother to turn the lights on every day now. LOL The presents are wrapped and waiting for Friday. I’ve been to the grocery store. I’ve baked multiple times this month. Christmas is ready and we are waiting….

And now it’s time for me to do a little something for you….

So what am I doing for you for Christmas? Thanks for asking. My book Scripting the Truth is a free kindle download for the next five days. Go get it. Read it. Tell me how much it diverted you when you wanted to strangle your Aunt Bet for getting ratty on spiked Egg Nog.

Be safe this Christmas. Enjoy your family, even if they drive you crazy. I hope you still believe in the idea of Santa and practice all that he stands for.

12 thoughts on “It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Hit send by accident yet again. I think there is a dark force somewhere which wants me to look a complete idiot – as if I needed any help! Anyway my blogging NaNoWriMo friend, my best wishes to you and yours for a very merry Christmas with lots of fun and games, not least your protracted present opening approach which I think really neat. Mind you my wife just raised her eyebrows and gave her classic no chance glare, so the ton of ripped off paper in a few minutes scenario continues for us! And thanks again for the gift of your book, I’m looking forward to the read and will review on Amazon and Goodreads, just signed up for the latter. Cheers Eric.

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