Monday Book Review: Laying Down the Paw

This is another series I grabbed from the library on a desperate day with my son. Laying Down the Paw is the third in a series by Diane Kelly, which features the adventures of a K9 police office, Megan Luz. The books are all easy reads, what I would call a bathtub or beach read. It’s a brain candy which is a nice break from the health food non fiction I consume most of the time.

In the latest book, Megan catches her first dead body. The detective assigned to the case lets Megan get involved because she works hard, wants to learn, and comes with a monster german shepherd named Brigit, who can sniff out drugs, among her many other uses.

It’s a good detective book (series) that tends to focus on how hard it is to actually solve most crimes. You need a lot of hours of shoe leather, pounding the pavement, and a bit of luck to figure out who done it.

Diane Kelly writes in what has become a popular style for detective books, one chapter from the cop, one from the criminals point of view, alternating back and forth. The best part though….she adds a chapter from Brigit’s point of view each cycle as well. I love it. Brigit is awesome. Makes me want a german shepherd who will head butt rude men in the balls without me even telling her to. Oh, on second thought, maybe not.

℘℘℘℘℘ – five pages. Read it in one sitting. Will continue to pick up this author’s works whenever I see them in the library. Might even get around to sussing out her first series as well.

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