Best of me…

So I see that a best of the year post seems to be a popular thing to do this year but I never like to follow the crowd, so here’s my version of that. My five most popular blog posts, based on likes and comments combined, the five posts that did the worst, and the five posts I actually liked the best, er make that seven because I couldn’t pare it down any further, what can I say, I amuse me.

Your Favorites -Comments and Likes-in order of popularity

1. Nano 2015 – The End

Love and support makes for a happy Nano Winner.

2. It was beginning to look a like lot Christmas

Everyone loves a free give away. My book is still a free download through today. Pop over to Amazon and grab it while you can.

3. Nano 2015 #4

You meet the deputy: he’s practically a mute and totally unimportant.

4. Nano 2015 # 19

Fun excerpt of the my 2015 nano novel and a bit of grousing about people with obscenely high words counts. LOL

5. Nano 2015# 1

We discussed names for my lead detective, who is smoking hot. I forgot how cute he is.

Your Least Favorite Posts by Lack of Comments and Likes


1. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies, tell me lies (0)

Why I haven’t been editing or blogging and the death of ABNA. boohoo.

2. Client=Fool? (0)

Is repping yourself a good idea? Should you indie publish or get an agent and go the traditional Route. This was good information.

3. Virtual Book Tour (1)

I explained what a virtual book tour was and asked if anyone wanted to host a stop on my tour.

4. I tried (1)

Laptop ate my changes. I actually thought this one was funny.

5. Come Monday (1)

Why Norwescon was a game changer for me.





And Finally, my Favorites based on how long it made me smile when I read it today – in no particular order. 


Why I love my husband

This one should be self explanatory.

It is my son’s sixth Birthday

reasons I love my kiddo.

The pitfalls of writing over a long period of time

Made me laugh heartily when I reread it this morning. I am a goof.

People are strange when they’re friends

Amusing anecdotes about beta readers.

Anyone caught discussing books


Pure me.

Nano 2015 #25

Laughed my bleep off.

Just smile

Barring my soul for the masses for the first time.

Happy post Christmas. We took down all our decoration yesterday. They’d been up over a month. It was time to get read for the future. (Yes I am alluding to a 2016 goals post that is coming up shortly.)

How long do you let Christmas linger?




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