Monday Book Review: Angel Face

Part of me feels totally ridiculous that I am fascinated with the whole Amanda Knox case. But I keep reading books on the subject when I come across them at the library. The latest find was Angel Face: The True Story of Student Killer Amanda Knox by Barbie Latza Nadeau. As an aside I find it really interesting that every book on the case says it’s the true story. Snort. As if we are ever likely to know the truth in that case.

This particular book is short, like less than 200 pages, and it stops with the first conviction. The author is a journalist who was present for almost all of the first trial, not a small feat given it went on for 11 months and was actually three cases at once.

The book was well written and the topic interested me obviously, but I found it thin. The author presents such a small portion of the evidence or testimony covered that I have to wonder about her selection bias. I could have used less passages about how badly journalists who weren’t convinced of Amanda’s innocence were treated and more information about what she saw happen in court. It felt like a chatty conversation held over tea not a hard hitting investigative journalism piece.

℘℘℘ – Three pages. It was good. Nothing more, nothing less. I read it quickly but at 200 pages how could I not. I enjoyed her style and prose but kept falling through the swiss cheese sized holes in the facts she presented. Too much was missing for this to feel like the nonfiction work it is supposed to be.

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