Craft Workshop

One of the choices I made for 2016 was to post four times a week on the blog: Monday Book Reviews, Wednesday Writer’s Cafe and goals, Fiendish Friday (a catch all where I make fun of myself on some level), and the other. In the other category is Flash Fiction or Craft Workshops.

Craft Workshops will contain either a distillation of an entire “craft” book, a segment of a craft book, or notes from my workshop series at the North Bend library. Clearly if I am boiling an entire book down into one post, I found it less useful.

Your First Bestseller, How to Self-Publish a Successul Book on Amazon, by Mike Fishbein is the first whack at this new series.

It was a free book. Broken into three sections, section one advises you with a lot of words to write a book readers want to read and edit it carefully. Wow. Totally out of the box ideas.

Section Three on marketing…basically do a free giveaway right away to get a lot of downloads and get Amazon’s attention by utilizing your mailing list, friends, and family to get the word out there. Guest blog to increase your presence. Run ads on Amazon.

Section Two is where the money is. Step by Step Guide leading you through creating your book on Create Space and on Kindle. He also includes information on ACX – audio book creation. The step by step guides are handy. It’s not a difficult process but it could be complicated if you’ve never done it before.

All in all a fast read, not terribly long, not terribly content heavy with the exception of the how to in Part 2.

2 thoughts on “Craft Workshop

  1. Sounds quite useful if its up to date… you got me tempted to take a look. I tend to rely on Catherine Ryan Howard’s Self-Publishing book and her blog for up to the minute advice. It was her book and step by step guidance that got me blogging in the first place, on Twitter too but I’m still way uncertain as to the value of that beast!

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  2. Just checked it out on Amazon…less than a pound in the UK so now it’s on my Kindle along with your book and I’ve lost track of what else I’ve picked up from the blogs I follow. I haven’t quite mastered the reading-writing balance yet! Heavy tilt to the right at mo.

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